Wednesday, June 3, 2020

George Girl Schooling Update!

    Hello Everybody!  We hope and pray you and your loved ones are well.  The world has turned upside down and we are all trying to figure out what our new normal is - Jesus is our hope!  

This has been true for our girls.  Evangeline, Naomi and Charlotte, who have been true quarantine champs!  They have been able to finish out their school year (in May), and continue with art projects galore, planting gardens and music classes at home.

     Over the years we have watched our girls grow up in our ministry and become such amazing young ladies.  They spend hours on end at the dance studio - it is literally their second home with a change of clothes, and 2nd set of toys and books for waiting for mom to finish classes.  They are there for every set up and take down of every performance- they help with the tiny ballerinas, keeping them entertained and help them get to where they need to be for rehearsals. They are creative, patient and we are so proud of them!

    I have been homeschooling the girls for the past 8 years.  Earlier this year, I had been feeling a shift for the girls and homeschooling.  I originally thought this past year would be our last year homeschooling, however, due to Covid, we've decided to do one more year with hopes we can send them to school next year (2021).  
We will be switching to more online classes to help with the amount of work load and demand on me.  This also means #1- we will need a working (very key here lol) computer for them to use and #2 - funding for their tuition and books as we will not be receiving funding this year through Canada.  

    Several people have asked how they can help during this time and this right now is our #1 priority- to make sure the girls are set up with school. 

    Our goal for 2020-2021: $2500US for all three girls for the year.  This would let us be able to purchase their curriculum, and a small computer for online classes.

Belize Christian Academy is the school that we are looking at for 2021-2022.  It has the same Christian values and academic excellence that we are looking for.  In addition, it has teachers and staff we know.  

    The tuition monthly for all 3 girls would be approx $700US/month.  We are looking for partners who would help us reach these goals.  

Thank you so much for considering giving!  We so appreciate all of you who pray for us and support us here in Belize!  

Please use the links posted below for tax deductible receipts

To give in Canada : YWAM Canada - Project code GJ23
There are several option on this page: etransfer, credit card, paypal, cheques etc.  

To give in the US: YWAM Caribbean (credit card)  If you want to use checks please message me.  

If you do not require a tax deductible receipt
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Saturday, January 4, 2020

George Family Update 2020

Hello Family and friends we’re only a few days away from the start of a new year and as I, (John) look back over this year it has been one of our busiest years in a very long time. So many new adventures and some very hard challengers, but above all we have seen the faithfulness of the Lord.

I first what to thank all of you who have been supporting us as a family and those that have partnered with us making it possible for us to be part of God’s story here in the nation of Belize.

As a family we are moving into new, uncharted waters as we are on the door of the teen years.  Princes Evangeline will be turning 13 this year and the other two are not that far behind. Evangeline has been a huge help at the dance studio-helping out with the 5/6 year old classes (Pre-Ballet).  She also enjoys cooking and loves horses.

Naomi will be turning 11 next year and is also helping out at the dance studio.  She continues to excel in music and loves animals.
Charlotte will be turning 8 next year and is light years ahead of her age. Her ability to process information and communicate her thoughts is very amazing.
Patti continues to be the most amazing women on planet earth 

Soccer Ministry
God continues to amaze us with the doors that have open for me to have a greater level of influence through sports. Our football academy continues to do very well and is still the stand of youth development in the nation. this year was a very historic year for us as 4 of our U15 players are part of the National U15 team. and 7 of our players where apart of our District Selection that represented Belize in the CODICADER Central American games held in Costa Rica. They made history by winning the tournament. 11 of our U15 players have done very well in representing their Nation on the international stage. Out of the 11 players 8 of them started their football career here at Valencia YWAM BOYZ F.A.
I am also the assistant coach for the National  U15 boys and earlier this month I was named the second highest qualified coach in the nation. Also I have just been given a new level of responsibility to become a Coach Instructor. Having the ability to coach the coaches that will be training the next generation of football players.  As we look forward to 2020 I have been named and the head coach for the National U16 team.

Schools Ministry:

In December, I spoke to students from the largest government High school in the nation of Belize all 4th form students it was an amazing time with the kids. My topic was "Employability Skills and Leadership". During my talk with the students, I challenged them not to just sit there and take everything I’m telling them but to always be hungry for truth. It was a really great talk about the skills needed to be employable but when I started to talk about leadership I could see they were having a hard time with what I was saying. I knew that many of them did not have a good example of a leader or even knew with makes a good leader.

I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to talk about Fathers being the first model of leadership in our lives. The more I dive into it the more I could see the pain and the hurts many of them had. At the end of my time, one of the young ladies came to the side and sat with me and we kept talking for a long time. She told me about not having a father figure in her life and that she has put up walls around her heart because she was badly hurt by someone she thought loved her. The more we talked the greater the pain until she wasn’t able to deal with it anymore and just walked away but not before I prayed with her.  She wasn’t ready to face the reality of dealing with the pain.   Please pray with us for her to know the love of Jesus! This young lady is but one of many youth in the nation that goes through life everyday with so much pain.

The Dance Studio:

Our dance studio continues to grow.  Who would have thought when I took over the studio in 2008, I would still be doing it 12 years later!  What a privilege to serve my beautiful Belize and inspire many kids to dance! This year we have been able to implement an Apprentice Program.  This program is geared specifically towards training our Junior Company girls to be future teachers!  I was pleasantly surprised by the excitment and eagerness to learn from these amazing girls!  Many have danced with us for years and years and so to see them turn around and pass on their knowledge and start imparting to younger dancers blessed my heart!  We also did choreography class which was new for me, but again, I was blown away by their creativity and eagerness to create.  Please continue to pray for the studio that we would raise up strong young women to help continue the arts in Belize!


Would you consider partnering with us monthly?  Please either click on the links on this blog or email us at:  

Thank you!!

The Georges

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello Everybody!!  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!  We are enjoying a quiet Christmas together with our family and some friends. Looking back over 2018, we wanted to thank everybody who has supported and prayed for us. We are heading into a new year of homeschool, dance and soccer and we are just so thankful for the new opportunities and growth we have had. God has been faithful even through the many challenges of this year. We look forward into 2019 with peace and hope.

The girls continue to amaze us: Evangeline is now 11, Naomi 9, and Charlotte 6 and they are growing up so fast.
Evangeline still loves to dance and sing. She also had a lead roll in the girls Christmas choir production "Rockin Royal Christmas" as the librarian, in which she had to wear a wig and a skirt (the worst part for her LOL).She really enjoyed using her "dramatic" flare for this part!
 Naomi continues to have a passion for dance and music and will sit her piano and violin grade 1 exam in March.

 Charlotte loves all music and dance and recently got to perform a song for our Christmas service at church. She also is a part of our new Petite dance company for ages 6-9.

The dance studio had our year end performance on December 11th. Parents, friends and family came together to see our 42 dancers present their dances and songs! It was a very special time of celebrating our wonderful and talented kids.

Pre-Ballet - Ages 4-

Junior and Petite Company perform "Hot Chocolate"

John continues to work with YWAM BOYZ and they continue to be one of the leading football clubs in the city. In June of this year there was a national youth 13 tournament where seven of old boys were all part of the Belmopan selection. No other club had such a high representation-which speaks volumes for the quality of coaching they do!! He felt that he needed a new challenge so he’s been learning how to referee and has joined the referees Association and officiates a few games a week. He has enjoyed learning new aspects of the game from a different perspective!

As our family has grown, we realize our need to grow our partners to help cover our monthly costs.  Would you pray and consider partnering with us financially on a monthly basis? Please see our links on the right hand side of this page for giving options.  We are so very thankful. 

 We pray your holiday season is filled with love and joy, and that you all are surrounded by the peace of our beautiful savior!!

 Love and blessings,
The Georges

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your who have been a part of our family in some way this year.  Whether through visits, phone calls, prayers, donations or all of the above - we appreciate the support and love we have behind our family.

The girls continue to do well in homeschooling.  It gives us time as a family together during the day when every evening is filled with dance, choir and soccer!  All 3 girls take piano lessons - Eva and Naomi both recently took their ABRSM theory exam for Grade 1 in which they received a Merit (Eva) and a Distinction (Naomi).  We are so proud of them!

Charlotte continues to enjoy her school.  She is quite the little one, I often suggest that two full pages of Math for each day is more than enough. :) She also enjoys arts and crafts, baking and playing with her animals.

Naomi has continued to take violin lessons over Skype which has been a challenge in itself with the Belize wifi quality - but she enjoys it and is playing Silent Night for our Christmas Eve church service.

Evangeline is growing up before my eyes and is always a big help for me.  She is compassionate, witty and hilarious.  She loves her cat more than anything.  She also enjoys science lessons - She has a knack for remembering facts - often turning the lesson back on me telling me the parts I missed LOL.

This year has been a year of opportunities for us.  John has taken several sports trips to assist and help bring some structure to a global sports ministry initiative, something he is loves and is energized by.  For those who have followed the YWAM Boyz football team (soccer) - that John and Santi coach.  In their U 13 Christmas cup competition, they played 9 games and won 7 games zero goals against them, first final game we won 3-2...our boys score 41 goals and three against them...we won most goals, Allen score 11 goal keeper Amare Jones...we tied last game of finals - we went into penalty and lost first place with one goal against us.  They had won 5 championships in a row and came away feeling that it was good for others to experience the joy of winning.. Great job YWAM Boyz!

The dance studio has continued to grow as we have a visiting teacher - Kelsea MacKenzie with us!  She is amazing and our students adore her.  Many know of the unfortunate eye infection that removed her from Belize for the month of November.  She is BACK!  We praise God that she is well and recovering.  Thank you to all who prayed for her!
We also did our annual Dance Revolution trip in November.  It was an amazing time for our girls who went - We had 5 from our studio go and 2 other former students who met us there!  The girls had dance from morning until evening in the styles ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tribal funk and musical theatre.  I love seeing our Belize girls get exposed to all of these styles as we don't have all those opportunities here (yet :) )
A big thank you to all who donated and gave towards our fundraising efforts!

Again, thank you to all of our partners and supporters for a GREAT YEAR!  We would love to hear from you.  Feel free to write, call or visit!

Love The Georges
John, Patti, Evangeline, Naomi and Charlotte

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer 2017


This year was amazing year! I am so thankful for the Lord guiding us through.  The girls I feel like are growing right before my eyes.  They are creative, energetic and full of life.  School was great this year, Charlotte will officially be starting Kindergarten in September, Evangeline is going into grade 5, and Naomi grade 3.  John has been keeping busy with sports and training, I have to say I am very happy for a bit of a break!  We are hoping to travel to Canada end of July- mid August.  John has not been to Canada in a long time so please pray his visa goes through quickly.

Also, this year most of you know of the physical challenges both my dad and Bev have had.  I was blessed with a ticket to be able to go up to Canada in April to be with them during the early weeks of dad's recovery and home from the hospital.  I wouldn't trade that week for the world!  I even helped dad fix a tractor (surprised?).   Our summer trip we feel is very important, family is everything and we so want to see our churches and friends.

We have been extremely blessed to have some of our family and friends do some fundraising for us for a new vehicle.  This has been a very difficult transport year for us, and we just need something safe and reliable to be able to do what we need to do.

If you would like to give to either our tickets or a purchase of a new vehicle - please go to:
Our project info is:  John and Patricia George
Giving Code:  GJ23

 En Croix School of Dance 

We finished off the year with 45 students ages 3-20. This year we were blessed to have teacher Mindy Reid take on more ballet classes. She has returned to the US and thankfully God has provided another teacher for us that I will share more about in the future.

 Our performance was called "Through the Seasons", something the Lord was speaking to me about. We journeyed through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Here is the write up I wrote in our performance program. "I have had such an amazing time diving into "The Four Seasons" and seeing it in the beauty that our Creator has made. I have loved finding the beauty in each season as a visual display of the seasons of our lives. There are times when the birds are singing and the sun is shining and there are times when things are hard and we feel worn, cold and isolated, but we can always rest assured that there is a hope and a new season is coming! Spring will come again!"


There is a lot the has been happening in sports in the nation of Belize. John has been involved in several conferences from different Global Sports Movements in the US, we also hosted our first Sports Conference in Belize!  All is geared towards using the Power of Sports as a tool to see the Great Commission fulfilled.  Please watch the video below, it makes me want to play football (haha)


John continues to be very influential in establishing the very first football academy in the nation of Belize.  They presently have a U13, U15, U17, U21 and First Division selection.  Their First Division team are the boys that he began working with in the beginning of the football ministry in 2006.  They are all grown up now and continuing to be positive role models in the community.

The U13 made history by winning every single game they played during their recent tournament.  They are presently the 4th time defending champions for this tournament.

John was also asked to take part in the University of the Nations College of Sports gathering as they prepare to establish their faculty of sports within Youth With A Mission.  They are working to develop an Associates, Bachelors, and potentially a Masters degree in sports degree within YWAM.

Thanks to all our churches, families and friends who pray for and support our family!

John, Patti, Evangeline, Naomi and Charlotte